Nokia E71 Full Specification

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Another Mobile complete with features to satisfy your Handa lovers telecommunications. Mobile phones from Nokia, the E71 seems to be used by Nokia as a substitute for the Nokia E61 or E62 or E61. This is based on observations from Mobile-Review forum's Russia. Nokia E71 has several facilities, such as 3.2 megapixel camera on the back of the phone plus a small camera on the front that allows users to make video calls or video conferencing.

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Nokia E71, still equipped with an additional konektvitas using Wi-Fi. GPS feature, which enables users to find locations on the map of the Nokia E71, 3G (HSDPA) which is also a feature of the Nokia E71. The Nokia E71 weighs 120 grams and dimensions 57 x 112 x 10 mm, wider than the previous version, the Nokia E61 which is only about 70 mm. It looks thin, wrapped with a layer of casing is shiny, and elegant Nokia E71 looks create a strong and special. However, the shape of the Nokia E71 seems to have adopted an inspiration from the Blackberry. The Nokia E71 also has the ability to access email like Microsoft Exchange, Yahoomail, Gmail, and Hotmail. So without having a laptop or PC you can surf in the virtual world very easily.

Here This is the specification of the Nokia E71:

- Ultra-Tier, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS-
- Quad-band GSM / GPRS network / EDGE
- 3G / HSDPA 3.6
- 2.36 inch landscape QVGA color display (320 × 320)
- Keyboard Querty
- 3.2 megapixel camera
- Front camera for video call
- MicroSD up to 8GB

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