Spesification Mobile Mito Luxberry 8200W

Mito Luxberry 8200W WiFI The Advancement Adaptation of Mito 8200
Mito 8200W Luxberry is the advancement adaptation of the old Mito 8200.
Mito 8200W has been able with Wifi and Trackball on which these are become the advantages of Mito 8200W.
The added advantages of Mito 8200W are for instance this accessory already abutment EDG and multitasking.
In accepted Mito 8200W is bifold on GSM-GSM with camera 1.3 megapixel, provides with radio FM, aperture microSD, MP3/MP4, Bluetooth and 2.4 inch TFT 262k QVGA.
The amount of Mito 8200W is about 850,000 rupiah.

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