Handphone i-Mobile Hitz 2206 XL

Handphone i-Mobile Hitz 2206 XL Bundled, April Promo at Hypermart
i-Mobile Hitz 2206 comes with QWERTY and bifold SIM GSM bifold standy.
The low end i-Mobile Hitz 2206 additionally promises a aggressive amount by accommodating with Hypermart which is alone 449,000 rupiah from the accustomed amount 499,000 rupiah on 23-25 April at Hypermart.
i-Mobile Hitz 2206 additionally is arranged with XL abettor on which offers chargeless SIM Card and Nelpon Gila Package.
In general, the blueprint of i-Mobile Hitz 2206 are as the following:
-dual on GSM bifold standby
-Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz)
-Dual aperture anamnesis card
-MP3 Player
-camera CIF
-FM Radio
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