About The Price TiPhone T18

TiPhone T18 IM3 Bundling Package With Indosat IM3
A low access phone, TiPhone T18 is coming.
The buzz advised is bonbon bar with affectation 1.37 inch 65K CSTN LCD 128x128pixels.
This buzz alone accompany the accepted blueprint such as
-Platform Infineon ULC2
-GSM 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz
-Display 1.37 inch 65K CSTN LCD 128x128pixels
-Dimensions 93.2x51.6x13.8mm
-Candy Bar
-Other Features: Organizer (Alarm, Memo, Calendar, Calculator)
-Battery 500mAh
-Memory: 32Mbit + 0Mbit
-FM (Optional)
To addition market, TiPhone coact with Indosat IM3 and IM3 offers benefit chargeless 100 SMS accustomed all operators, 90 SMS back reload Rp.20.000 max 12 times or for a year
The amount of TiPhone T18 is alone 199,000 rupiah.
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