Samsung Behold II with Android 1.6

This is one of those acid byproducts that appear forth back companies get all fancy-pants with user interfaces. It's accessible to anybody with an Android buzz that came out added than a ages ago and doesn't say Nexus on it, that accepting your phone's architect and carrier calm on accouterment updates to accepted releases of Android is far easier bitched about in user forums than done.
Motorola, with their Blur interface, and Samsung, with their whatever-the-hell-they-call it interface, accept been decidedly apathetic to amend to new versions, with alike the Samsung Behold II alone active the age-old Android 1.5.
And now Cnet is acknowledging Samsung's acceptable news/bad account announcement, that yes, the Behold II will get adapted to Android 1.6, and that no, there won't be any updates above that one, admitting the promotional video in which the promised Behold II owners an amend to Android 2.x. A video which is no best accessible on the web site.
According to Cnet, Samsung has no comment. I'm bold admitting that Behold II owners accept a few things to say.

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